Pole Reinforcing & Restoration

Wood poles over time decay and lose the needed strength to support the attached powerline equipment.  During the inspection process poles are identified with the need for replacing before pole failure takes place causing outages, property damage, and risk to people.  Some poles that are found to be in need of maintenance or replacing qualify to be reinforced with a variety of steel supports.  These steel supports are driven into the ground deep enough to support the pole and remaining above ground portions are attached to the pole.  The high grade strength steel restores the pole structure strength and extends the life of the pole often 20-30 years.  Installation can be done without loss of electric service.  This option is an excellent alternative to pole changeout at a fraction of the cost.   Most electric companies fine the cost to be 25%-35% of the cost of full changeout.

  • Save $ on Changeout Expense
  • Increase Pole Strength
  • Extend the Life of the Pole
  • Prevent Pole Failure
  • No loss of Electric Service for Installation